July 25, 2024

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China’s carbon dioxide emissions have begun to decline

China’s carbon dioxide emissions have begun to decline

China’s carbon dioxide emissions have decreased. Emissions fell by 3% in March 2024, ending a 14-month increase that began with the reopening of the economy after the country’s “zero Covid” controls were lifted in December 2022. Experts expect emissions in China to peak in 2023, and will start to decline from now. Onwards.
New analysis of Carbon characterThis report, based on official figures and trade data, reinforces the view that China’s emissions may peak by 2023.
The driving forces behind the decline in CO2 in March 2024 were increased solar and wind generation, which covered 90% of the growth in electricity demand, and declining construction activity.

The growth in demand for oil also stopped.

China’s carbon dioxide emissions could peak in 2023 if construction of clean energy sources is maintained at last year’s record levels.

The growth of wind and solar power has led to a decline in the share of fossil fuels in China’s electricity generation from 67.4% the previous year to 63.6% in March 2024, despite strong growth in demand.

China’s rollback defeats critics who have argued for years that cutting emissions in Europe is meaningless as long as China does nothing. This has always been nonsense – China is doing all sorts of things to combat the climate crisis – but this is now also reflected in the numbers.

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