March 30, 2023

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Chinese citizens are angry at Elon Musk after they nearly missed space

Chinese citizens are angry at Elon Musk after they nearly missed space

Starlink satellites, the CEO of SpaceX, nearly collide with the Chinese space station twice. In China, they swear that “Starlink satellites are space junk.”

A second nearly missed SpaceX satellites and the Chinese space station in a matter of months, angering many Chinese. An angry Chinese posted on Weibo – the Chinese alternative to Twitter: “Starlink satellites are not important in space.” Still others say the Musk satellites are American weapons of war.

At the end of October, the Chinese space station had to evade Musk’s Starlink satellite for the second time. He should have done it at the beginning of summer. “For security reasons, the Chinese space station owns Preventive Collision Avoidance System Activated,” the Chinese authorities said. Independent sources have not confirmed this yet and SpaceX has not yet commented on the facts.

Starlink after launch
Photo: Agence France-Presse

Space debris is a problem that has been hovering over our heads for a long time. NASA had to cancel another spacewalk in November due to too much debris flying through the atmosphere. Of SpaceX alone, there are about 1,900 satellites around the world.

Musk says his satellites have been modified to reduce the risk of accidents. But according to the Chinese on Weibo, the eccentric entrepreneur only creates more space debris “and humanity will pay for its actions.”

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