September 26, 2022

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Chinese city puts 13 million people in lockdown |  Corona virus what you need to know

Chinese city puts 13 million people in lockdown | Corona virus what you need to know

ChinaThe Chinese authorities have decided to lock down the large Chinese city of Xi’an with a population of 13 million, due to the increase in cases of Covid-19. The Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing in just over a month and the authorities don’t want to take any chances.

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Yesterday it was announced To screen the entire population of 13 million peopleAfter discovering more than forty new cases of corona. The city had already severely restricted its movements to contain the infection. Local authorities said that from now on, residents should stay at home unless they have a compelling reason to leave their homes. One person per family is allowed to leave the house every two days to do some shopping.

143 patients with corona this month

China has been implementing a ‘zero covid’ strategy since last year, with everything being done to reduce new coronavirus cases as much as possible. In general, new cases are limited to just a few dozen per day. The country reported 52 new cases of the disease in Xi’an on Wednesday, bringing the number of patients registered in the city to 143 since Dec. 9.

Leave nothing to chance

The number of coronavirus cases is very low in China compared to other countries. The authorities don’t want to leave anything to chance in the run-up to the Winter Olympics, which begin on February 4 and the Chinese New Year on February 1.

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In October, the country had already imposed a lockdown on 4 million residents of Lanzhou.

A Chinese city of four million is in lockdown

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