March 30, 2023

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Chip manufacturer TSMC is a factory in Germany |  abroad

Chip manufacturer TSMC is a factory in Germany | abroad

Chip maker TSMC is considering building a plant in Germany. The Taiwanese company is in exploratory talks about the matter, says one of the group’s senior managers. The European Union wants to play a much larger role in the global market for computer chips in the future and is working on the arrival of a large chip factory in one of the member states.

Before this happens, TSMC wants clarification on available government grants, said Laura Hu, director of sales for Asia and Europe. In addition, the company wants to know if there are enough suitable candidates for the vacant positions the company has to fill, it said at a conference in Taiwan’s capital, Taipei. The chip sector needs highly educated employees, and these are rare everywhere. It also remains to be seen if there will be demand for the semiconductors to be made by a German manufacturer.

TSMC outside Taiwan

TSMC is the world’s largest manufacturer of computer chips commissioned by other companies, such as Apple, Intel or Nvidia. Most of the production sites are located in Taiwan, but recently the company has also announced large factories outside the country’s borders. For example, TSMC is building a factory worth 10.6 billion euros in the US state of Arizona. In Japan, the group is investing about 6 billion euros in a new production facility.

The European Commission wants Europe to account for 20% of global production by 2030. Now about 10 percent. In this way, the EU becomes less dependent on foreign suppliers. It is also intended that the most powerful chips will also be manufactured on European soil in the future.

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Many sectors, including the auto industry, suffer from a shortage of chips.

Japan invests 6 billion in a new chip factory to make up for the shortage

TSMC and Sony are building a massive computer chip factory in Japan