September 26, 2022

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Chris Froome: 'I don't feel like I'm done yet, I have more to give' |  a trip

Chris Froome: ‘I don’t feel like I’m done yet, I have more to give’ | a trip

Chris Froome (Israel-Premier Tech) made his Tour debut after his heavy fall at Dauphiné 2019. He was third on the stage for Alpes de Huys and made a very positive impression. Sammy Neirinck visited the polite Froome ever for Vive le Vélo.

“Let’s see what the future holds.”

Chris Froome (Israel-Premier Tech) swam in deep water after his terrible fall exploring the time trial at Dauphiné three years ago. He tells himself whether the four-time Tour winner still has ambitions for the Tour.

“The big goal is to get back to the level where I had to stop after my big crash,” the 37-year-old said. “That certainly won’t be this year, maybe that will be possible in the upcoming editions of the tour.”

Froome concludes, “Let’s see what the future holds and how the next seasons play out. I don’t feel like I’m finished yet and have more to offer.”

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“By sharing my adventure, many people have embraced it”

At the beginning of each stage, the French public greets Froome with standing ovations. The difference between night and day with the years he won the Tour. Then he was booed.

“I once got a warm welcome from some fans,” says the British cyclist. “That has completely changed now.” “I now feel a lot of love and warmth from the audience.”

“Especially after my crash I tried to share my adventure with people and a lot of people accepted that.”

“After my injury, I had to first and foremost learn to walk again”

Chris Froome is very happy with the way things are going in the Tour de France. He took a huge step forward with his third place on the Alpe d’Huez.

“I’m finally starting to get my momentum back,” Chris Froome said. “It gives me positive feelings and it’s a good motivation to move forward.”

“After my injury, I first of all had to learn to walk again. Then I had to learn to ride a bike again.”

“The feeling of freedom – having been in my bed for several months – and the wind in my hair brought back many old memories of sweat.”

ride Date Riding type Beginning of the End the total winner leader
1 Single time trial Copenhagen – Copenhagen 13.2 km Lambert Lambert
2 road racing Roskilde – Nyborg 199.2 km Jacobsen from art
3 road racing Vejle – Sonderborg 182 km green roads from art
4 road racing Dunkirk – Calais 171.5 km from art from art
5 road racing Lille – Arenberg 157 km Clark from art
6 road racing Bench – Longue 219.9 km Pojakar Pojakar
7 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Tomblin – La Planche des Belles Filles 176.3 km Pojakar Pojakar
8 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Dole – Lausanne 186.3 km from art Pojakar
9 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Eagle – Chatelaw 192.9 km the jungle Pojakar
10 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Morzine – Megève 145.1 km Kurt Pojakar
11 road racingmountain stage Albertville – Col de Granon 151.7 km Vingguard Vingguard
12 road racingmountain stage Briancon – Alpes d’Huez 165.1 km Bidcock Vingguard
13 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Le Bourg-d’Oisans – Saint-Etienne 192.6 km Pedersen Vingguard
14 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Saint-Etienne – Mendia 192.5 km Matthews Vingguard
15th road racingsemi-mountainous stage Rodez – Carcassonne 202.5 km philipsin Vingguard
16 road racingsemi-mountainous stage Carcassonne – Foix 178.5 km huh Vingguard
17 road racingmountain stage Saint-Gaudens – Pyragodes 129.7 km
18 road racingmountain stage Lourdes – Otakam 143.2 km
19 road racing Castelnau-Magnoac – Cahors 188.3 km
20 Single time trial La Capel Marival – Rocamadour 40.7 km
21 road racing Paris La Defense Stadium – Paris 115.6 km
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