March 28, 2023

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Chris Rock after Will Smith's video: "Everyone who says painful words has not been punched in the face" |  Famous People

Chris Rock after Will Smith’s video: “Everyone who says painful words has not been punched in the face” | Famous People

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Friday evening, hours after Smith posted his apology video online, Rock was on stage. At the Fox Theater in Atlanta, he did not speak directly about the film, but did refer to the world-famous hit he received at the Academy Awards. “Everyone is trying to be a victim,” she said. If everyone tries to be a victim, no one will hear the real victims. Even when I got hit by Suge Smith, I went to work the next day.” He’s probably calling Will Suge in reference to Suge Knight, the former record company president who is currently in prison. Chris later said on his show, “Anyone who says Words are painful, he wasn’t punched in the face.”

Apologizing profusely in a video will be to Chris and his family as well as to those around him. The actor said that he communicated with the comedian, but was not yet ready to have a conversation. But according to Will, he’ll reach out to you as soon as he’s ready.

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