May 29, 2023

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Christian Cowame hits Anderlecht in the cup semi-finals

Christian Cowame hits Anderlecht in the cup semi-finals

Christian Kwame is a player in the cup. He has already scored four times in two matches, the same number as in the competition. He will never become Anderlecht’s most elegant striker. The person who works hard has a chance to win.

His two goals were important to Kwame. “Score gives confidence. I wanted to help the team by scoring. Now we have a good streak and it’s important not to lose. Then the confidence stays. We didn’t take any risks so there are no goals. We carry on. This same team stays? Yes, but our bench makes the difference when They come. That’s the spirit of this team.”

Collaboration with Joshua Zirkzee is also improving. “Yeah, that’s right. By playing together, you get robots. But Benito does a good job too. It’s the same for me who scores, as long as we win. Anderlecht is a big club and we have to show that we’re there! I’m not in the lead yet, but now I feel physically better. This allows me to go deeper more often. But of course I have to finish this one chance for the goalkeeper.”

Anderlecht will have to dispense with him in January because he will leave for the African Cup. “The start of the match is on Monday and then we’ll see. I’m happy that I’ve been selected, but I want to finish the year well here and only then think about the African Cup. I’m leaving right after the match against Berchot. I don’t know how long I’m going, but of course I hope to get farther.” possible point.

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