March 23, 2023

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Christmas specials from 'Code van Coppens' and 'Villa South Africa' with best wishes: Here's what you'll see on VTM |  TV

Christmas specials from ‘Code van Coppens’ and ‘Villa South Africa’ with best wishes: Here’s what you’ll see on VTM | TV

TVDuring the Christmas and New Year period, VTM offers many programs that will satisfy the heart. There will be specials from ‘De Code van Coppens’ and ‘Snackmasters’ and Christmas is celebrated outside at Villa South Africa and Camping Coppens. This year, the channel also launches … greeting cards.

Christmas Special “The Code of Coppens / 30 Years of the Family”

Over the course of 30 years especially for Family, Aaron Blumert and his TV father Kurt Rogers – Raven and Lars in the soap – take on Bieke Ilegems and Erik Goossens – famous couple Babette and Peter from the early years of the series. On a special episode of “De Code van Coppens” on Sunday, December 12, Staf and Mathias put both the duo into gift wrapping and sent them to Santa Kees, Santa’s brother. Not everything goes smoothly along the way, even the always quiet Kürt Rogiers goes into full “beast mode”.

Snack Masters Christmas

On Thursday, December 16th, it won’t be chefs but BV duos to compete to make the perfect snack as possible. To stay in the Christmas spirit, Koen Wauters and Ruth Beeckmans put Christmas snacks on the menu. The BVs who will show their best culinary skills are Sieg Dendoncker and Maureen Vanherberghen versus Sergio Quisquater, Sam Gooris, Kamal Kharmach and William Boeva ​​versus Bieke Ilegems and Erik Goossens. In the final match, the winners of the semi-finals will face each other to recreate the traditional Christmas scene.

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Christmas Special “Villa South Africa, Christmas Under the Equator”

Kathleen Ayarts and her husband Stephen can be seen at a special Christmas party at Villa South Africa. © VTM

On Tuesday, December 28, it’s summer in South Africa, but Christmas fanatic Kathleen Aerts also keeps pace with the summertime temperatures. all the way In terms of decoration. She and her family are preparing for a traditional Christmas dinner outdoors by the pool. So the contrast with Flanders couldn’t be greater. I wonder if homemade Stephen’s croquette was successful and if Santa Claus received Jay’s letter well.

Christmas and New Year Camping Coppins Special

On Wednesday, December 29, VTM viewers will see how the Coppins family travels to Swedish Lapland. After an eventful year and a first season as owners of their campsite, it’s the perfect trip to recharge the batteries and enjoy the well-deserved Christmas. On the episode on Wednesday, January 5, the Coppins family also kicked off the new year. With some reflections on 2021, they try to set each other’s good intentions to start the year off well.

best wishes

Christmas is the perfect time of year to see the family again. This is often a lot of fun, but there are also a number of minor or minor frustrations that keep coming up. Just think of the vegan in the family who doesn’t mind and uninspiring gift vouchers under the Christmas tree. How do you express those frustrations to someone? Well, the message was brought home by the only VTM choir. Ruth Beckmans, Dina Tersago, Andy Bellman, Julie van den Steen, Sandrine Andre and Kemal Kharmash sing the best swearers straight from the heart.

Anyone who wants to convey the message themselves can count on VTM greeting cards starting today. There are different versions of a whole bunch of annoying year-end frustrations. It was available through

Overview of 2021 news in “Your Film of the Year”

For a look back at 2021, viewers can tune in to “Your Movie of the Year” on Monday, December 27. News anchor Frick Brickman collects the most striking stories and the most eye-catching photos. The Flemish people known and unknown who helped shape the year 2021 are also discussed. The soundtrack for the program will be provided by Regi this year.

Movies, music, series and humor during the Christmas holidays

On Saturday evening, VTM will treat you to the best of Disney songs, such as “Vaiana” (11/12), “Ratatouille” (18/12), “Frozen” (25/12), and “Rapunzel” (1/1). There are also two movie screenings in the program: “Johnny English Strikes Again” (11/12) and “Buurtpolitie: het Circus” (08/01).

VTM viewers can count on some great Christmas movies over the Christmas holidays. At Christmas and New Years, there is a regular appointment with “Home Alone” (24/12) and “Home Alone 2” (31/12). clumsy but funny mr. Bean (25/12 and 01/01, and from 27/12 Eve), two new episodes of “What A Year!” (25/12 and 01/01) and Jacques Vermeires Zaalshow 1 and 2 (26/12 and 02/01) provide the playful touch. The double-anniversary episode of “Family” and the finale of “Snackmasters Christmas” will follow on Thursday, December 30th. The countdown to 2022 will take place on December 31 with top 21 songs and celebratory congratulations from several BVs on “The 21 of 2021.”

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