June 5, 2023

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Clear language about the reference at Union-Genk: ‘Two red cards should have been given’

Union SG beat KRC Genk 3-0. According to former referee Stefan Breda, Limburger’s team is still pulling away well.

Jasper Vergoote was the referee in the duel between Union SG and KRC Genk. Overall, he whistled well in the match, although according to former referee Stefan Breda, he should have pulled the red card twice.

Breda saw particularly good work from Lawrence Visser as VAR. He judged the penalty phase with Victor Boniface very well. However, the referee had to do more.

“I don’t understand why he didn’t give Munoz a yellow card, because it would be his second,” Breda told La Capitale. Also at the end of the match there was a stage that Vergot misjudged.

“Jasper Virgot gives Arteaga a yellow card for his deliberate kick on Lazar. Lawrence Visser invites him to see the pictures and he has to realize his mistake and take out the red, but he doesn’t change his mind.”

According to Breda, this has serious consequences that KRC Genk can be very happy about. This has serious consequences! Not for this match, but for the comeback, where Muñoz and Artega should have been suspended.

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