February 6, 2023

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Clement after the fourth win in a row: "Anderlecht is older and more mature, but we are also more mature"

Clement after the fourth win in a row: “Anderlecht is older and more mature, but we are also more mature”

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“They had chances at first, but our target came at a good time,” said Charles de Kettleri. “After that we created a lot of chances. It’s a pity that in the end we still have to concede, but 1-4 is a good result in Leuven. After the break they really wanted to go for that goal. This created a lot of space and we took full advantage of it.”

“My goal? I got one against one in the penalty area, I went in first and then went out to shoot through the corner. I went in really well, but I made it really nicer. Now it’s important that we win the games we have left to finish this year as well as possible. Anderlecht Sunday is always a place Special. We’ll go for it, but I’m sure they will too.”


Clement: “Anderlecht is getting older and more mature, but we are also more mature”

“This win is fun because we know from experience how difficult this step is,” said coach Philip Clement. “OHL started with passion and we had problems with pressure at first. We had a hard time finding people to attack. But after twenty minutes we got more rest and were able to score. That was very important. In the second half we were able to control and score more.”

With the win, Club continues to follow in Union’s footsteps. He will be against Anderlecht on Sunday for fifteen out of fifteen and may then leave for a new series. Also last season, the blue-black machine succeeded over the Christmas period.

“Then we got to thirty out of thirty, and it’s still a long way to go now,” Clement knows. “Obviously we want to beat Anderlecht on Sunday, but we’re looking at it game by game. The Anderlecht we met at home this time is much older and more mature than the team we welcomed at Jan Breidel last season. But our players are also more mature. Noah will play Lang and Charles de Kettleri every game this year. If they play as well as today, they can continue to perform.” (without)


Price: “An additional striker is wanted in January”

OHL’s story has been the same all season: strong football, but lacking in efficiency, defensively, but even more up front. “Our midfielders score with relative ease, but they play on their own,” says coach Mark Press. “Everything comes from second grade and that takes energy.”

The strikers are failing and this is gradually starting to annoy Price. Three attackers were brought in to replace Thomas Henry, but they failed. “Do we have a lot of strikers? It seems clear to me that one should be added in January,” said Bryce. Kappa has scored four times so far, but has been dry for a month and a half. Rezai and Koharevich haven’t scored yet. An embarrassment to transfer policy? to ask this question. Press concluded that I am not responsible for the transfers. (MAh)

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Siby Schrejvers, former Bruggling, missed Leuven’s 0-0 lead. “We played well in the first half and we had the best chances,” the midfielder said afterwards. “We know from the first leg (which ended in a 1-1 draw, Editor) that it would be very difficult for them if we took the lead, but now it’s different. Their first chance came right away, and they were more efficient than us. He’s good up to 16, But everything after that is a working point for us. We tried to push after the break, but with the spaces we were given and the range some of the club’s players had, it was easy to be two, three, four for nothing.”

OH Leuven appears to be primarily suffering from a scoring deficit. “It comes in periods. At Union, we still hit almost every chance. That sounds like a shot to me. Or Former really yelled at me after those 1-4? That says a lot, after 1-4 he won’t either. But we’ll talk after Few. And swap shirts? That will come.”

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