October 7, 2022

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Clement Peerens is more famous than ever: ten farewell parties...

Clement Peerens is more famous than ever: ten farewell parties…

Clément Berns explains why he chose Roma for his farewell parties that have already sold out © ATV

Things are moving quickly for Clement Berens. His band, The Clement Peerens Explosition, or CPEX for short, is breaking up. This was initially celebrated with a single farewell party on 20 December 2022 at De Roma in Antwerp. However, the performance actually sold out in less than two minutes, after which some new dates were immediately set. All tickets have already been sold out for this.

DVDSource: Special Reports

De Roma confirmed the immense popularity of CPEX. It seems like “this is unprecedented, just nick how he was the best”.

Clement Burns himself is currently unavailable for comment, but has previously said we have no business with the cause of the split. However, he sent a response through his administration:

“Dear ticket buyers, I have a new friend who is determined to go skiing for Christmas. This year thank God it won’t work with Corona. And next year – if that person is still around – it won’t work in terms of the agenda either. So: Thank you all! It will cost me, for I will have to buy a mountain of stringers and sprinklers, but for once I overlook it. Joe, Clement.”

More popular than ever

So it’s clear that after more than twenty-five years, the band is more popular than ever. According to Tim Torvers of De Roma, there were 6,000 people on their site at the same time at peak times, and there was a queue of 5,000 people interested. “Just Nick how he was the best.”

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According to our music connoisseur Bart Steinhout, this is typical of big bands. “Many great artists go on a farewell tour for the rest of their lives. Elton John’s farewell tour will eventually last seven years,” it seems. So it will likely continue.

Fans can still put themselves on hold via www.deroma.be