July 24, 2024

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Clerfayt corrects mayor’s closure: “Aldermen in Brussels must be replaced”

Clerfayt corrects mayor’s closure: “Aldermen in Brussels must be replaced”

Brussels Local Councilor for Housing and Equal Opportunities Lydia Moutebel was elected to the council on 9 June from the Brussels list of the Socialist Party. She plans to take her seat and thus resign as Alderman. From October, there will be a cumulative ban in the Brussels region, meaning politicians will no longer be allowed to combine a local office with a mandate at another level of government.

According to Mayor Close, it will not be replaced. The capital wants to reduce the number of local council members in order to set a good example regarding effective management.

Municipal law

But the office of Brussels Local Government Minister Bernard Clerfayt now says that is not possible. Two articles are mentioned in the new municipal law, which stipulate that the party and the municipal council shall nominate a new candidate within two months of the departure of the municipal council member, or that the municipal council member shall replace him.

But the new municipal law also stipulates a reduction in the size of municipal councils in Brussels; Each municipality will have to make do with one fewer councilor as of October, but this is not yet the case.

“Extra” ships.

“Clearfait is wrong,” according to Mayor PS Close. He points to another clause in the regulations, which already allows ships not to be replaced, he says. Brussels municipalities may appoint an “extra” alderman with funds from the region, for example, to ensure the presence of Dutch speakers on the council. The city of Brussels benefited from this during this administrative period. According to the rules, these “extra” vessels do not need to be replaced.

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Brussels local councilor for economic affairs and Clerfayette party member, Fabien Meingen, is also giving up his local mandate. It will move to the Brussels Parliament next week. It is certain that he will have a successor, but that is not yet known. According to his government, Davy will decide on this matter next week.