December 9, 2022

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Climate changers rejoice at rising prices: 'Encouraging people to act more sustainably'

Climate changers rejoice at rising prices: ‘Encouraging people to act more sustainably’

NPO climate changers are happy that prices are getting too high. Because, yes, it forces people to “behave sustainably.” In fact, they like this so much that they want the government to actively use price increases to achieve this desired goal. Forced sustainable, yes!

We’ve known for some time that climate changers don’t care about ordinary people. But this scum is coming out more and more openly now. Look at Aniek Moonen who is very happy to tell the NPO that the government should actively use price increases to force people to adopt sustainable behaviour.

Because yes, high inflation today is great, but what if prices get back to normal to some extent? Then people may also go back to normal behavior. This is not allowed. Because the climate!

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“I wouldn’t be too quick to say that increasing poverty is a positive thing,” Monin says, but then quickly turns to what she really believes in. “But of course it’s good to see now that if people really have to look more at their wallets, we’re making more sustainable choices. And I think that’s a signal to politicians that we have to look at how we use prices. More products can help consumers make more choices. sustainability”.

Then the NPO presenter asked her if this wasn’t “terrible” for ordinary people, poor people, and people already struggling to make ends meet. They can’t do that at all Pay, which is “sustainability”. that “sustainable life” More expensive than their regular old counterparts to live.

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“I don’t know why that’s necessarily horrific,” Monin said. Because see, “Sustainable choice isn’t always, in and of itself, a sacrifice for our prosperity. I think a lot of prosperity can also increase if we make more sustainable choices.”

Then came the madman arguing that “sustainable choices” would lead to cleaner air and more green space in the area. This is then “prosperity,” according to this backward trio. because we become more social.

more social? greener? What does that have to do with prosperity, you idiot? With the contents of people’s wallets?! She then repeated that of course she doesn’t want people to get really poor – well, she wouldn’t celebrate that – but the “essence” is that if the old options become too expensive, people will start living more sustainably.

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But this “sustainable” life of a lady is still more precious than the old status and almost unaffordable to the hordes of Dutch people. And this young “lady” does not care at all. Leaves it completely cool. Then you become poor. Then it will go down financially. She doesn’t care. Durable, sustainable and sustainable. Sustainability above all.

These are really scary people. They are old Stalins. People who, in the name of their sick ideology, are willing to push countless people into poverty and (and even death, but that is not mentioned here).

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