Photo: Sahara Prince/

Due to climate change, large areas of the Earth will become uninhabitable in the future. Researchers at the Environmental Justice Foundation predict that up to 150 million people will be displaced due to climate change. One of them is 41-year-old Klaus Neubacher from Austria.

“Since birth I have lived in Schiedlberg, a small town in the Austrian province of Steyr-Land. But climate change has begun to worry me more and more. If the sea really starts to rise, will I still be safe here? It kept me up at night, until I decided: It can’t go on.” It’s not like that anymore,” Klaus says.

Scientists predict a sea level rise of about a meter on a global scale. Klaus wants to leave Austria as soon as possible before his house is swallowed up by the sea: “I have already sold my house. I admit the bargain price, but money is no longer important to me. I especially don’t want to be drowned.”

Klaus is the first Austrian to flee the sea. Where is he going? “I don’t know exactly yet. I’ll see. Now I have to survive first,” he sighs. Better go to the Netherlands. People there speak a nice word of German so I can understand myself there. Zeeland or something.”