December 8, 2022

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Club Brugge Gold Value Belgian Labs, 8th place now on hand |  European League and Conference League

Club Brugge Gold Value Belgian Labs, 8th place now on hand | European League and Conference League

footballthanks for the Club Brugge qualifying For the eighth finals of Champions League Belgium now ranks eighth in the UEFA rankings. And Austria and Serbia? They are a little further away from us.

Direct ticket to the 2024 group stage: this is the commitment of all Belgian clubs in Europe. To succeed in this collective goal, Belgium must be in the top ten of the UEFA country ranking, based on the average performance of clubs that have played in Europe over the past five seasons.

Belgium slipped out of the top 10 after a poor European harvest last season and a strong 2016-17 loss of coefficient points. As a result, this season’s champion will have to pass the playoffs for next year’s CL game. But after the first four rounds of the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League, things look favorable again for 2024. Because although no one has won against our Belgian clubs this week, our country has done a small job again. Thanks mainly to Club Brugge. A draw with Atlético Madrid scored 0.2 points, but qualification to the eighth Champions League finals for one full point. Add to that the Al Ittihad draw against Braga (also 0.2 points) and Belgium gets 1,400.

Belgium now has 35,400 points and is ranked ninth. Scotland, number eight, on hand. The Scots have lost all of their European matches and are only 0.4 points ahead. Austria (33,000) and Serbia (30,875) are left a little behind.

The 12 best countries in the UEFA ranking (based on the past 5 years)

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1. England: 96.141
2. Spain: 85,998
3- Germany: 73,481
4- Italy: 069 67
5- France: 997 54
6- Netherlands: 52500
7. Portugal: 50,216
8. Scotland: 35,800
9. Belgium: 35,400
10. Austria: 33,000
11- Serbia: 30 875
12- Norway: 28,250

The importance of the CL direct ticket is indisputable. Only the main money in the group stage is the jackpot of 15.64 million euros. For Brugge, there is a record return this season. But all European clubs benefit from a higher UEFA ranking, which decides what stage the competition begins at.

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