July 16, 2024

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CMF 1 phone with special accessories in plain sight

CMF 1 phone with special accessories in plain sight

Nothing CMF will be launching its own smartphone anytime soon. The manufacturer has previously released teasers for the CMF Phone 1, and now we see clear images showing the back of the device.

CMF Phone 1 in pictures

CMF, the daughter of the Nothing brand, has posted images online of the new CMF Phone 1. The subsidiary previously came with its own accessories and now also its own smartphone. In the previously released teasers we saw a screw-on connection. You can attach accessories to your phone with this. Now we have a better idea of ​​​​what this is. The brand itself speaks of a design with “engineer aesthetics”. This also explains the spikes and sharp corners of the phone.

We see the CMF Phone 1 in black, orange, blue, and light green colors. This is a swappable back. We also see the smartphone with other accessories, but it’s not entirely clear what exactly we can expect, except for a lanyard or cord. We expect a smartphone with a MediaTek chipset, and in terms of specifications, a device close to the Nothing Phone (2a). We also expect new earphones and a smartwatch. The new devices are scheduled to be released on July 8.

Cmf 1 color phone

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