February 6, 2023

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Code Orange Starts Tonight After All - Secretary Verlinden: 'Students Want To Party Tonight Anyway' |  Instagram news VTM

Code Orange Starts Tonight After All – Secretary Verlinden: ‘Students Want To Party Tonight Anyway’ | Instagram news VTM

“It is absurd to leave the rules in place at 5 tomorrow morning, when we know the students really want to party tonight,” said Minister Verlinden. Thus, the daily query – expected during the day – will take effect from midnight, as planned by the advisory committee. Concretely, this means that the closing hour in the restaurant industry will be canceled and all dance cafes can open again. The only exception is that the mouth mask obligation for children ages 6 to 12 won’t end until a day later, on Saturday, February 19.

Previously, catering operators complained that they had received news that they were allowed to remain open after midnight from February 18, but the legal basis for this was missing. including Ghent Overportstraat Student cafes threatened, on Thursday evening, to violate Corona’s measures. Mayor Matthias de Klerk has already announced that the recreational district will not be evacuated if the switch to Code Orange is not approved.

In the case of code orange, the closing time for the food industry will be cancelled. Customers no longer have to wear a mouth mask, you can again sit at one table with more people and you are welcome back at the bar. A Covid Safe Ticket (CST) is still required. Moreover, anyone who goes to the disco no longer needs to take a quick test. A mouth mask is no longer mandatory, but a CST is. Read all about the three symbols in the corona barometer below.