July 20, 2024

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Coinbase: “Upcoming US Elections Are Most Important in Crypto History”

Coinbase: “Upcoming US Elections Are Most Important in Crypto History”

Coinbase, America’s largest crypto exchange, today launched a voting registration tool and crypto policy education initiative. “The initiative aims to provide users with the necessary knowledge about crypto issues and views of various politicians,” the exchange site said.

The most important elections in crypto history

Faryar Shirzad, Head of Policy Affairs at Coinbase, says in a new blog post that the upcoming elections in the US are the most important in crypto history. “Electing leaders for innovative and fair crypto policies is critical to our mission to increase economic freedom,” said Fariyar Shirsad.

“The leaders we elect in November will make important decisions about crypto, blockchain and Web3. We hear that our users want to engage in this debate and are looking for reliable information, tools and support to make their voices heard,” continues Shirsad.

This is Coinbase’s special step for a political culture in 2020. chose. At the time, Coinbase employees asked CEO Brian Armstrong about his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement. However, Armstrong chose to remain politically aloof and focus entirely on the company.

“A-Political Strategy Success”

A year after Coinbase chose to operate as an apolitical company, the legal chief said Encryption That policy is successful. With a real political agenda on the stock market stage, they now seem to have returned entirely to that choice. In Blog Today they are returning somewhat. “We don’t often engage in political discussion at Coinbase, but we’ve always said we will at key moments,” the website says.

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So the upcoming midterm elections in the US seem to be the moment Coinbase wants to make its voice heard. However, this choice makes it difficult to maintain that Coinbase is an apolitical organization. Although there is some evidence that this is a political moment that directly affects the company’s future, it cannot be ignored.