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Colist recovery, Le Pen did not break-Corriere.it

Colist recovery, Le Pen did not break-Corriere.it

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PARIS – Two of the three Frenchmen did not go to the polls in the first round of regional elections yesterday. The new record of voting has been broken, Such low percentages were found only for a few polls. This element can function as one Consolation to the party of Emmanuel Macron, La Replica is my march that thought everyone would go bad, but it’s not bad – Stopped at 10% nationwide, humiliated in the Hots-de-France region – both for Marine Le Pen’s training, The National Reconstruction, however, did much less than expected So the regional president, who has been trying for some time to give himself a more institutional tone, may disappear.

Currently Only the men of the Golist right are satisfied, Republicans, or those who left Sarkozy’s party, those who remain in that political arena, such as Xavier Bertrand, the leader of the northern region of Hots-de-France, will be reaffirmed. Bertrand was the protagonist of the political masterpiece of the day, Already a candidate for the next presidential election (Spring 2022) already, with full and defensive voices, it was no coincidence that he first spoke: five years ago, on the evening of the first round, we were in second place, 16 points behind the leading nationals (now called the Rase Assembly National, Ed). This time the women and men of the Hots-de-France region have clearly led us. My deepest thanks go to them. We broke national jaws.

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According to initial estimates, Bertrand received 44% of the vote, Most likely the leprosy candidate is 24.4% in place than Sebastian Senu, instead the polls are much higher. In third place is the left-leaning Karima Delhi-backed ecological candidate with 18%. Laurent Pietrosovsky’s list of supporters of Macron’s party Lorem did not exceed the 10% limit and therefore did not qualify for the second round. Another source of satisfaction for Bertrand, and Shame on the President majority: To weaken Bertrand and reduce his ambitions on Elysee, he spent big shots on the election campaign, such as Gralt Durman or Justice, to Pietrosky Eric DuPont-Moretti. They added themselves to the list, but they were rejected without appeal.

Come on Macron, Marine Le Pen, the other option for the 2022 presidential election, also had a bad result. If Macron was expecting it, it would be a surprise to Marine Le Pen. Polls highlighted his men in at least five regions, But only Baca (Provence-Alps-CD de Azure) is within his borders, where former Sarkozy minister Thierry Mariani is backed by the National Assembly, which has not yet taken full action against right-wing candidate Renaud Museler. Mariani is no longer a favorite e When Marine Le Pen does not even get a presidency, the scene of previous regions may happen again. In the first round, the former parties win: the right (29%) and the Socialist Left (18%), while the Rn drops to 19% and the Lrem to 10%. Second round Sunday.

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