December 8, 2022

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College: Zwanenburg scooter space is no problem

College: Zwanenburg scooter space is no problem


The mayor’s college and local council members state that there is no problem with mobility scooter space in De Zwanenburg. The Association for the Elderly General Katwijk (AOBK) previously stated that the newly completed scooter space is not working. The windows extend to the floor which can damage the glass in the event of a collision and the door does not open automatically.

Written by Mark Wonnick

After completion, the space was not used for storing scooters, but for activities. “We regret that the space is ready for use,” the council said.

We understand that many De Zwanenburg users are upset and disappointed that aid is still in the hall. This does not change the fact that there is the possibility of placing the aid in the scooter room as agreed with the AOBK.

The board says the space has been completed according to plan approved by the AOBK. The plan was modified at the request of the AOBK. Construction has been completed by the Contractor to the satisfaction of the Contractor and in full accordance with plan/schematic design. So there are no problems in achieving mobility scooter space.

Despite the fact that the board states that there are no problems, they will enter into discussions with the AOBK.

“We regret that AOBK has made calls through a local newspaper to take action rather than bring this to us and discuss it with us. We will take the initiative to have a discussion with AOBK and Welzijnskwartier to ensure that the scooter space is used for the purpose for which the space was provided.

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