April 1, 2023

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column. Geert Hoste: “In Plopsa, the K3 brings the C4 in all the colors of the rainbow” | This week all day

showbizEvery week, Geert Host, 62, presents his unique and ironic view of the world in “Dag Alles”.

What Putin is to Ukraine, what Saint Valentine was to the Flemish stars in 2023. Massacre! If sea level rises, it is because of the Valley of Tears that runs through the Flemish entertainment industry. The god of love did not shoot arrows, but used a hatchet and left a red trail from the coast to Kempen! First with the message that Ella Lyers and Rick Fairhey are no longer making love. Then we are told that Tom Boonen can no longer charm his flag. It came as a shock to the fans. Fortunately for the participants, no. Because Tom and Laure get along better now than they did when they were smothered. “Laure is the woman of my life!” Tom hops. And to prove it, he is now living elsewhere with a new love. How beautiful love can be.

As in that country where a leader is praised by his subjects. Where the big boss was so well liked that the workers put up banners and automatically printed statements of support in the newspapers. The country in which, despite the words of criticism, there is never a cloud in the sky. To be clear: I’m not talking about Russia, but Plopsaland, known as an earthly paradise. I was moved by this spontaneous slogan and adoration-filled advertisement. After working an 80 hour week, these employees had it done quickly over the weekend! I saw on TV that the banner hangs crooked. But no one was reprimanded for it. In Russia, ungrateful men are thrown out the window. At Plopsa, the K3 brings the C4 in all the colors of the rainbow! Those who are expelled will be bribed with 4711 and given another Samson pork sausage!

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Evil tongues that speak ill of Plopsaland call it the cash cow of Studio 100. This is something similar to De Efteling: the donkey that shoots money. In a sense, this is also a money machine. Since there is no longer any banking connection in many municipalities, can one put such a donkey in every market square? Seems like a good solution to this problem. It’s time for Studio 100 and politicians to sit down.

Troubleshoot and solve! This is what our politicians have done since free alcoholic drinks were no longer served in Parliament. They now have more energy and time. But some show withdrawal symptoms. The classic work of preparing and defending files is ancient. Politics turned into insults and labels. This leads to separation, divorce and separation. But is this bad? no! Just look at Tom and Lor. Perhaps party bosses would rather see each other after the election than before. just can.

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