March 27, 2023

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Column: Horror fan or dirty louse? † Jim Quarter

Horror kind of fascinates me. I can be short and clear about that. Be it books, movies or games; It all appeals to me. Do I constantly read, watch and play through everything that has to do with horror? of course not. The fact that she impresses me does not mean that I desperately need to communicate with her. Frankly, we’re talking about an inner battle I’m fighting between desire and daring. Because there are quite a few terrifying choices I can tell you about.

Since I was young I’ve always been a hosiery champion. To clarify: The Guardians of Thief II: The Metal Age knew more than just scare me. However, the terrifying (and most supernaturally) attracts me terribly. A few years after my experience as a thief, I called Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Friends told me I had to deal with one of the scariest games ever. We all decided to play the game on a laptop at the table with headphones. My friends scared me more than the game. An experience that has given me some self-confidence now that I think about it. 1-0 to Sander vs. Horror you will say.

However, courage does not seem to come with age. The next experiment was Outlast. At least… experience. My God, how terrifying that match was. Creating an institution where all safety regulations were violated did not leave me cold. There is always a general rule when playing these types of games: play them with friends. The controller advances to the next player every half hour. You can definitely see this as cheating. Alone in the attic with headphones, these are the real champions of the genre. Anyway, it’s a compromise to make sure I’m still in touch with these kinds of games.

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It was perfect to carry on until dawn. The game from Supermassive Studios was perfectly suited to playing with friends. The game follows a group of teenagers trying to spend the night in a beautiful chalet in the mountains. However, the serial killer and inexplicable forces ensure that this is completely out of control. The game features multiple characters that allow console pass. Each person chooses a character and is responsible for it. So you can watch from a distance if your character dies early in the game. I obviously had a character under my wing who competed to the end and also made a questionable decision in the end.

Supermassive Games has continued the local multiplayer principle of a horror game with The Dark Pictures Anthology and soon also with The Quarry. It turned out to be the formula for me to keep playing horror games. slender man? He did not see me. Phasmophobia? Is this really reasonable?

The scariest experience I had was the VR version of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. Stuck in a forest hut with a bloodthirsty family hot on your tail. Look up, to the side or back… Everywhere is that environment that you want to leave. Corrupt friends came to find themselves taking off the headset after about twenty minutes. So with the announcement of Resident Evil VIII: Village for PSVR 2, there’s something to look forward to…or not.