July 24, 2024

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Comment |  12 Ordinary New Yorkers found Trump guilty, giving America hope again

Comment | 12 Ordinary New Yorkers found Trump guilty, giving America hope again

On Friday, 12 ordinary Americans did what Republican senators were most cowardly to do: Donald J. Condemnation of Trump’s corrupt, criminal behavior. They opened their eyes, saw the facts and the law, were not intimidated or lied to, and condemned the behavior of a powerful man.

If America has hope, it lies in this simple observation: When it comes down to it, its citizens cannot be corrupted. Years ago, Trump, in his most over-the-top communication style, said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. It was a challenge and a provocation. For a long time, Trump often seemed to misjudge his environment. Twelve New Yorkers, citizens of his own city, wanted nothing to do with it.

Trump and the shameless Republicans visiting the darkened New York courtroom can now play their favorite role: martyr. The former president wasted no time. Everything and everyone, but especially Biden and the Democrats, are out to get him. With the help of a judge who showed how good judicial officers can be, a faded record scrapped aside by these high-ranking citizens is unforgettable.

The case itself will prove less important than the punishment. and process. It’s often said that voters are now immune to Trump’s actions, but Stormy Daniels’ testimony is all the more revealing. Advocates have no problem connecting this Her catchEveryone knows about this affair and dozens of other complaints from women and Trump’s conviction for sexual assault. The investigation provided a revealing picture of how Trump World deals with people, facts, misconduct and staff.

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Classic Trumpian

There comes a point when even the most willing allies and sycophants say this is not someone we want in the White House. While the other three cases, which are generally considered more important (after all, it’s about corruption of the rule of law, not falsification of the books) have been dropped by classic Trumpian legal spectacle and willing Republican judges, it’s important to note that the voter now necessarily has them. There are. Trump could face further penalties.

How this will affect the election is hard to say. But there is no doubt that they will have an impact on the elections.

To start at the beginning: In four weeks the first discussion takes place between two older adults. President Biden doesn’t have to say anything inappropriate, voters know exactly who is running against him. A convicted felon, a man whose successful business career seems increasingly like a pipe dream, a twice-impeached president of chaos, a narcissist. It would be enough if Biden referred to “the citizens of New York.” There is a real chance that Trump will invigorate himself in his martyr role and reveal how he really feels. It should be Biden’s goal to tempt him and let him lead the way.

Donald Trump is not good in the courtroom. He looked tired – defeated

The Republican convention begins three weeks later, and a judge in New York will hand down a sentence four days later. The suggestion of social services, a function alien to Trump, seems appropriate. Someone suggested picking up trash at subway stations. If Trump was smart he would say: I’ll do your social service in the White House.

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Will the convention do anything? Of course, another candidate can always be nominated, but Trump’s party elite must relent and force Trump’s delegates to vote against their man. It’s too late. The elite is in Trump’s pocket. This coup d’├ętat should never have been their candidate. Now he is, and they can’t go back.

Will it affect the November election? I stick my neck out and say: Yes, it will happen. That cost Trump the election. According to recent polls, at least a quarter of Republican voters would not vote for a convicted felon. I suspect this is underestimating the feeling. One group where Trump was already weak was women Suburb, will continue to decay. Some Republican voters will leave even if they don’t vote for Biden. Either way, it will affect the campaign and thus the outcome.

Shouting horn concept

Trump’s physical and psychological state is equally unclear and open to any conjecture. He was unwell in the courtroom. The evidence was by no means embarrassing. Having to listen for six weeks without being able to give your normal blaring horn commentary should be an impact. He looked tired – defeated.

His campaign rallies are less passionate and enthusiastic than before. People are too bored to do anything else with Trump’s hour and a half of self-pity. The candidate himself often cannot finish his sentences, or gets caught up in strange speeches about Gettysburg, Lincoln, and other topics, where it is evident that he has heard many bells toll, but can find no clappers.

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It would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic: this man is unfit to lead a world power. I suspect this will become clearer and clearer over the next six months under the high pressure of an increasingly exhausting presidential war. Trump’s derailment is even more painful (and revealing) than Biden’s.

Not even a conviction and a prison sentence could keep Trump out of the White House, if voters wanted to keep him there. But if Trump loses, it gives hope that Americans will be less patient with the boldness of the lies he will come up with to explain away that defeat. From this conviction to November 5 may seem like a leap: it increases the chance of an uncontested election result. But perhaps that is the most optimistic description of this beautiful day for the American constitutional government.

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