December 2, 2022

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Compulsory booster shots or tests every 24 hours: these are the rules for those who want to travel to France

Compulsory booster shots or tests every 24 hours: these are the rules for those who want to travel to France

Since summer, health passes, The so-called “health corridor”, needed to participate in many activities in France. For example, you have to show your QR code to go to a restaurant, cinema or museum, but also to take a train, long-distance bus or plane.

Practically enough that Your Covid Safe ticket to present. “The European Commission has set up a portal service to verify all certificate signatures across the European Union,” the EU’s website said.

Tests up to 24 hours

Attention: while vaccines given in Belgium guarantee passability, the rules for testing change. While in Belgium, a negative PCR test with an age of less than 72 hours and a self-test with no more than 48 hours old are sufficient to obtain the digital code, in France these periods are shortened as of November 29. PCR and self-tests should be done now Less than 24 hours before entering France It is executed to be valid.

Mandatory booster shot

But also for those who have been vaccinated, the French rules will soon change. The booster shot will be mandatory for everyone, otherwise your QR code will not be valid.

This will be effective from December 15th over 65 seconds. In other words, if you are over 65 and have not received your booster dose, your QR code will not be valid once you cross the border between Belgium and France.

From January 15th applies to Anyone over the age of 18 Entering France, this rule: six months after the second vaccination, an additional injection is required in order to keep the health card.

Mond Masks

Wearing a mouth mask will be mandatory in ski areas, both in ski lifts and in queues for those lifts.

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What does this mean to you concretely?

If you plan to go skiing after the above dates, it can be complicated if you completed your vaccination schedule more than six months ago. So keep a close eye on your vaccinations and vacation dates.

For those who have not been vaccinated, it will be a complicated holiday. Since a negative test is only valid for 24 hours, you will have to take another test every day. Those who have not been vaccinated must also pay a fee for each test, which can significantly increase costs.

Exception for border residents

However, there is an exception to all these rules for unvaccinated people who live within a 30-kilometre radius of the border and have been in France for less than 24 hours. They are not required to show a recent test.

You can find all the details about these stricter measures on the official website of the French Embassy in Belgium or in On the French government website:

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