March 30, 2023

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Conclusion of the administrative agreement for the municipality of Lübeck

Conclusion of the administrative agreement for the municipality of Lübeck

After short and vigorous negotiations between ChristenUnie-SGP and CDA, a management agreement has been reached for Municipality of Lubeck† Administrative Agreement is a title Space saving. This administrative agreement provides space for an enjoyable life in the municipality of Lübeck, now and in the future. Space to make decisions regarding and space to keep things well organized.

formation – composition

Formateur Bert de Leede is satisfied: “The convergence process went smoothly. Both parties share many ambitions in terms of content. CDA Chairman Adrie Strien agrees: ‘The agreement is based on independence. We also think this is appropriate, given the noise that Luckily, thanks to additional resources from the government as well, we’ve found a solution we can trust.

Signing the administrative agreement Friday, June 10th

The portfolio allocation and agreement design is currently being finalized. The full administrative agreement and the targeted House members will be presented at a press briefing on the afternoon of Friday, June 10 at 3 p.m. You can also find this information on the municipality’s website. You will receive an invitation to attend the press conference on Thursday, June 9, along with the agreement and intended portfolio assignment.

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