May 29, 2023

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Confirmed: Harry and Meghan will not come to the UK at Christmas despite the Queen's invitation |  Property

Confirmed: Harry and Meghan will not come to the UK at Christmas despite the Queen’s invitation | Property

PropertyIt’s not unexpected, but it was confirmed at the same time: Prince Harry (37) and his wife Meghan Markle (40) will be vacationing in the United States. It is a pity, according to palace staff, that the Queen would have liked to see them – especially her grandchildren, Archie and Lillibet.

Harry and Meghan have no plans to travel to the UK during the holidays. Several sources confirm this to the local newspaper, Mirror. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex received an invitation from Queen Elizabeth, but declined. “Very bad,” says one of the palace employees. “Because it would be the Queen’s first Christmas without her husband, Prince Philip. She could use all the support. Moreover, she would have liked to meet her granddaughter, Lilibet – who is named after her – in person.”

The Sussexes are already spending their third birthday outside the UK. Usually, Prince Harry traditionally celebrates Christmas at Sandringham, the Queen’s private residence. There will also be a church service on the holiday itself, followed by a large lunch at Buckingham Palace. But since Megxit, Harry hasn’t seen his side of the family during the holidays. “A royal Christmas involves a lot of planning,” the employee continues. “So we already know Harry and Meghan won’t be there. If they did, they would definitely have told the family.”

Experts believe Harry and Meghan are staying away so as not to cause unnecessary headlines. “That’s right,” the inside nodded. But one day they will have to take the bandage off the wound. And the longer they wait, the more media interest will be when they come to London again. They will not find a better time than the holidays, everyone is generally in a good mood. People prefer reading positive stories. Unfortunately, although the 95-year-old Queen is in poor health, it appears Harry does not want to go home and spend time with her.”

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The Queen is currently staying at Windsor Castle, where she is recovering from back problems. So the pre-Christmas festivities are expected to continue there as well this year. “We are beginning to fear that she will only see Harry, Meghan and her grandchildren through a screen.”

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