June 9, 2023

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Conflict in Sudan – US and Saudi Arabia: Seven-day ceasefire agreement in Sudan

The seven-day ceasefire, which may be extended, will come into effect 48 hours after signing, i.e. on May 22 at 9:45 pm.

“The parties have agreed to provide and distribute humanitarian aid, restore essential services and withdraw troops from hospitals and essential public facilities,” the statement said. “The parties also agreed to the safe passage of humanitarian actors and supplies so that supplies can flow unhindered from ports to people in need.”

Both sides have pledged to “not pursue military gains” during the 48-hour transition.

Previous ceasefires between the warring factions were not respected. Unlike previous ceasefires, the agreement reached in Jeddah will be signed by the parties and backed by an international monitoring mechanism.

The short-term ceasefire fits into the gradualist approach the parties have agreed to, which is still ringing. “Future negotiations should focus on additional measures to improve civilian security and the humanitarian situation, such as withdrawing troops from urban centers, easing restrictions on the free movement of civilians and humanitarian actors, and allowing authorities to resume their regular duties.”

“Given the ferocity of the conflict, our immediate focus is on ending the fighting and alleviating the suffering of the Sudanese people,” it said.

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