July 22, 2024

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Conor Kennedy, grandson of the Kennedys, fought against the Russians

Conor Kennedy, grandson of the Kennedys, fought against the Russians

Ukrainian soldiers at the front. (Illustrative image) © EPA-EFE

Conor Kennedy, grandson of former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, to Ukraine to fight the Russians. “I wanted to help.”

Werner Roomers

“I wanted to help. When I heard about the Ukrainian Foreign Legion, I went to introduce myself at the Ukrainian Embassy on the same day,” Conor Kennedy wrote on Instagram Friday evening.

The 28-year-old American is now back home, after fighting for several months, including in the Northeast, where some of the fiercest battles took place.

I was not a trained soldier. But I can carry heavy equipment and I learned quickly.” According to Connor – in 2012, a friend of the famous American singer Taylor Swift (32 years old) – was ready to die: “I was and still am very affected by what is happening in Ukraine.” He called on the Ukrainian people to continue to support The people and the armed forces: “This terrible war will determine the fate of democracy this century.”

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Connor says he only told one person in his entourage that he was going to fight in Ukraine. In Ukraine, only one person knew his evocative last name: “I didn’t want to be treated any other way.”

His girlfriend, 23-year-old Brazilian singer Julia B, wrote in Connor’s Instagram post that she was “so proud” of him, while it was tough “all those months gone by and we were worried.”

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Connor is the grandson of former US Attorney Robert F. Kennedy, who was shot dead in 1968, as well as his brother, US President John F. Kennedy in 1963.