July 22, 2024

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Constant Thalys and TGV left at Ruisbroek again, 600 passengers delayed for hours

Constant Thalys and TGV left at Ruisbroek again, 600 passengers delayed for hours

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Trains are running again between Halle and Roysbruck. Tallis and TJV have been standing there since about 8 a.m. Saturday, due to icing on the overhead wires. There were 250 passengers in the Thalys, and 350 in the TGV.

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As a result of this crash, train traffic to France was halted for a while. Meanwhile, the Infrabel teams repaired the top line. “The trains were able to leave again with their own resources,” says Infrabel spokesman Frederic Petit. TGV eventually managed to continue in France, while Thalys returned to Brussels. Passengers can stay on board. Infrabel asserts that in both cases the passengers were on hot trains.

Trains to France have been able to resume since 10:50 am, but international trains will experience delays throughout the day.


Also on the track along the E19 motorway at Mechelen, the Thalys towards Amsterdam had been stationary since 8.45am, and the train could not continue there either due to ice forming on the overhead wires. The extra must come with the driver to the site. There, the intention is to evacuate approximately 260 passengers. Infrabel shows that it is warm on board.

The railway network in West Flanders was also affected by the severe cold. Ice formation on the overhead cables prevented the movement of trains between Ypres and Bobring since 8 am. Alternative buses are available.

Infrabel has a winter plan, which means that overhead tracks and lines are extra scrutinized. The extreme cold didn’t cause any problems all week. According to Infrabel, the fact that there were three crashes on Saturday may have something to do with the fact that it’s a little wetter than the past few days.

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