February 4, 2023

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Control your garage door opener with a smartphone: 5 best IOS and ANDROID apps

As time has passed and our smartphones have become more intelligent and functional, the list of things that these devices can accomplish has grown impressively. It was clear that something as simple as opening garage doors remotely would find a place on this list sooner or later. In fact, these days all you have to do is buy a Bluetooth/internet receiver, connect it to your garage door opener, pair it with your smart device, download the right app and your life will be easier. Let’s have a look at some of these apps for Android and iOS.

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Liftmaster MyQ Home Control (Android / iOS)

Liftmaster is certainly one of the most popular apps of its kind, but it only works with MyQ compatible garage door openers, so we need to take this opportunity to alert you to one problem. Not every garage door opener works with every app – if you’re starting from scratch, you should do it first Check out some garage door opener reviews Then search for the app. However, if the opener you choose is powered by MyQ, you will be hard-pressed to find a better alternative. Control garage doors and lights from anywhere in the world, adjust security levels and add a passcode…this app covers it all.

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Craftsman Garage Doors (Android / iOS)

Due to the same limitations as the previous application (it only works with garage door openers made by Craftsman), Craftsman Garage Doors have the same streamlined feature set as well. The app itself had some quirks and bugs (users weren’t able to receive push notifications for months), but those issues were addressed and the Craftsman Garage Door Opener app once again became an app available to all Craftsman garage door openers owners.

SecuRemote (Android / iOS)

Powered by both the internet and Bluetooth 4.0 SecuRemote checks all the boxes a garage owner expects (control of partitions/garage doors/gates from your smartphone, real-time access, etc.) smart) as well. It’s worth noting that SecuRemote still supports Blackberry phones and its original operating system, which is good news for all die-hard fans of the former Canadian giant.

BTmate Garage Mate App (Android / iOS)

If you have multiple garage doors and they are all offered by different garage door openers, Garage Mate might be the best solution you can find in any app store. Yes, it doesn’t matter if you own a Legacy, Raynor, Liftmaster or Chamberlain, this brand-independent program will play with them all. However, the fact that this app uses a Bluetooth array to pair your smart device with your garage door openers has one of its biggest drawbacks: you can control garage doors within just 10 metres. But if versatility is more important to you than mobility, this is the app for you.

MyDoorOpener Elite (iOS)

Speaking of versatility, MyDoorOpener Elite takes this very seriously, and being another remote garage door opener app is just one if it has a lot of features. In addition, MyDoorOpener Elite can be used as a file home distribution Control ceiling fans, regulate the temperature in your home, and control the stove remotely. But if you’re only interested in garage doors, you’ll probably appreciate the fact that SMS push notifications are sent (great for people who don’t have 24/7 internet access).

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These were the top five apps that let you use your smartphone to open garage doors remotely. Don’t miss the chance to try a few of them. Technology strives to make our lives as easy as possible – this is the wagon that you should definitely sit on.