February 1, 2023

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Convict Ghislaine Maxwell: ‘Picture of Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre is fake’ | Abroad

Britain gave the interview from her prison in the United States to TalkTV, a British television station. The interview will be broadcast tomorrow night, but excerpts from it have already been posted on Twitter. “I can’t believe for a moment that it’s real,” the video reads.

Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison last year for helping Jeffrey Epstein assault girls and young women. His victims were the close and entourage of the millionaire, who died in 2019, the friend of Prince Andrew.

The photo in question, which also includes Maxwell herself, is said to have been taken in March 2001 at her home. Joffrey claims that King Charles’ brother sexually assaulted her. The Duke of York always denied it.
According to Maxwell, there is no “original” to the image. “It just looks like copies of copies and parts of it were photoshopped according to some experts. I don’t remember Geoffrey being in my house. The photo doesn’t look real. I don’t remember it being taken.”

Giuffre tried to take her case to court in the US last year. The Duke of York prevented this by reaching a multimillion-euro settlement.

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