July 20, 2024

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Convicted Russian killer released by Wagner Group strikes again during his ‘vacation’ |  outside

Convicted Russian killer released by Wagner Group strikes again during his ‘vacation’ | outside

A Russian who has been sentenced to fourteen years in prison for murder manages to leave prison early thanks to the recruitment system of the mercenary group Wagner and immediately starts killing again upon returning home. 28-year-old Ivan Rosomachin was allowed to take a few days off from the Wagner Group, with all the consequences that entailed: the murder of his mother.

The woman was severely beaten and a neighbor found her with multiple stab wounds. Her son was immediately arrested and confessed to the atrocity. The independent Russian news site Media Zona wrote that there are no further details about the murder at the moment.

For his previous murder he was sentenced to fourteen years in prison, but was released after three years because he had used Wagner’s conscription system. Under this scheme, prisoners are pardoned if they go to fight in Ukraine for six months.

The 28-year-old Russian was “on vacation” until May, although he agreed to return to the front earlier than planned. He had only been home for eight days when he committed another brutal crime.

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“We don’t sleep at night”

Rosomachin made the local news a few days before the murder. Residents of his hometown in Russia, near the town of Kirov in western Russia, filed a complaint with local police after he drunkenly walked around the village with a pitchfork and an axe, shouting, “I’m killing everyone! I’m chopping up the whole family!” The windows of vehicles on the street are axed. “We don’t sleep at night,” one resident told a local news channel. A nearby business owner said his employees were afraid to come to work while Rosmachine was hurtling through the village.

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“It was expected that he would act strangely again,” the police chief said in his testimony. “He is very unpredictable and problematic. You can expect anything from this bastard.”

No response from Chief Wagner

The Daily Beast, an American news site, asked Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin to respond to Rosomachin’s arrest, but it was overruled. Instead, Prigozhin urged this journalist to “stop pestering him” because, as he joked, “he was busy searching his yard for your colleague’s body.” He was referring to imprisoned Wall Street Journal reporter Ivan Gershkovitch.

However, he confirmed through a statement from his press office that Ivan Rosomachin had served on Wagner and that it was “very bad” that a released convict had committed such a crime. “We stand ready to cooperate with law enforcement authorities regarding any of our former combatants,” she said.

He said earlier this week that he had pardoned 5,000 former criminals. “So far, more than 5,000 people have been pardoned after completing their contracts with Wagner,” Prigozhin said in an audio clip posted on the Telegram social media platform. He said at the time that only 0.31 percent of them committed crimes again. According to him, this figure is ten to twenty times lower than standard indicators. “We have reduced crime in Russia tenfold,” he concluded.