September 22, 2023

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Copy text from images, type tags quickly, and scale pixels with PowerToys

Copy text from images, type tags quickly, and scale pixels with PowerToys

PowerToys got three new user-friendly functions in the latest update. We explain how to use it.

PowerToys is a set of tools that help PC technicians get started with customizing Windows 10 and 11. Sometimes it’s adding functionality, while in other cases it’s changing functionality. The software should ultimately lead to increased productivity.

The tool is constantly being tampered with. On September 6, the latest version was released, Power Games 0.62. The program now has three new and richer useful functions. The screen ruler allows users to measure the pixels on the screen. Quick Accent is a quick way to type accented characters. text extractor Finally, allow users to copy text from an image.

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We explain how to use these new functions. Make sure to update PowerToys if you want to try out these features. In version 0.62, the new functions have been given their own box in the overview on the left.

  • screen ruler

    The screen ruler has the function of measuring the pixels on the screen. Designers can use it to perform standard tasks such as redlines or to analyze layouts.

    Press the key combination Windows key + Shift + M to make the tool appear. There are several options: border, spacing, horizontal spacing, and vertical spacing. Spacing options are there to track similar pixels along the horizontal and vertical axes.

  • fast accent

    Those who write words with an accent on a regular basis will benefit greatly from the quick highlight function. One write, beta and cliché would be much easier.

    You can activate the function via the PowerToys app. Look in the list on the left for fast accent and click on that name. then press Open Settings, in the default settings the function is disabled. Bee Activate the quick highlight feature Move the bar up on me.

    Then type the character you want to highlight and immediately press the space bar or the left or right arrow key. Tap and hold on this combination to bring up a list of different dialect options. Use the arrow keys to move to the letter you want and release the combination to type the letter.


  • text extractor

    The latest addition makes it possible to copy text from an image. This is done with the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

    Click on the group Windows key + Shift + T. to use the function. Then select a rectangular area in which to write the text you want to copy. The text is automatically copied to the clipboard and is easy to paste into a document using Ctrl + V..