December 9, 2022

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Corona injuries at the Princess Elizabeth base in Antarctica |  Corona virus what you need to know

Corona injuries at the Princess Elizabeth base in Antarctica | Corona virus what you need to know

Although very strict security measures are in place, part of the crew of the polar base Princess Elizabeth in Antarctica has contracted the Corona virus. That message “Le Soir Mag” based on information from the Arctic Base Secretariat.

The first positive case was detected on December 14, in a group of people who arrived at the polar station seven days earlier. The person was immediately isolated, but new tests revealed two positive cases. The three injured were evacuated from the base on December 23. However, that did not stop the virus from circulating.

At the moment, according to “Le Soir Mag”, 25 people are at the polar station and five are on an expedition. Two-thirds of those infected are infected, but no one has developed any serious symptoms so far. There are also two emergency physicians on site and the station has all the equipment to perform tests and provide medical care.


All attendees received at least two doses of the corona vaccine, and one person also received a booster dose, said Alan Hubert, CEO and responsible for safety. At the moment, it was decided to keep all staff on site, but at the same time no new visitors are allowed until the pollution collection ends, so at least until January 12. However, research work is limited.

According to a virologist consulted by the secretariat, there is a high probability that the infection was caused by the omicron variant of the coronavirus. It is responsible for 99 percent of all infections in neighboring South Africa.

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The Omikron variant is now also dominant with our northern neighbours, which has led to growing frustration about Dutch shopping in our country.