September 30, 2023

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Corona numbers |  The pressure on hospitals continues to fall

Corona numbers | The pressure on hospitals continues to fall

Except for the number of deaths, all of the Corona numbers are heading in the right direction. The number of corona patients in hospital in particular is plunging.

The decline in the number of Corona patients in Belgian hospitals appears to be in full swing: after the number fell to just under 4,000 for the first time in about ten days on Friday, there were still 3,852 on Saturday, according to the online dashboard of the Sciensano Health Institute. This is a 9 percent decrease. There are still 397 patients in intensive care units, a decrease of 6 percent.

Just like Friday, other benchmarks, excluding deaths, are also heading in the right direction: The number of new coronavirus infections fell by 46 percent, to an average of 20,763 infections per day from February 2 to 8.

From February 2 to 8, there were an average of 44 deaths per day, an increase of 30 percent.

The number of new hospital admissions also continues to decline. The average number of admissions in the past seven days was 294.7, or a 17 percent drop.

The number of tests also continues to fall: 67,900, a third less than the previous week. Of this, 35.8 percent was still positive, which is 8.1 percent lower than the previous week.

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