November 29, 2022

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Couple finds 60-year-old's fast-food in the wall during renovation |  abroad

Couple finds 60-year-old’s fast-food in the wall during renovation | abroad

An Illinois couple was undergoing a makeover when the couple discovered a bag of McDonald’s fries in the wall. The bag is said to have been hidden there for more than sixty years.

Renovations of old buildings sometimes lead to special discoveries. Same with Rob and Grace Jones of Crystal Lake, north of Chicago. “Rob was in the bathroom removing a holder of toilet paper on the wall,” Grace recalls. “In a hole in the wall he saw an old towel with something wrapped in it. We immediately thought of an unsolved murder case.”

“We looked at each other and wondered out loud if we shouldn’t call the police right away. We really thought we had found evidence of a murder,” Grace said. It turned out to be something completely different. “We were relieved to see McDonald’s slip.” A bag of McDonald’s fries and two empty hamburgers in a towel.

Remarkably, the fries were in a somewhat recognizable condition. “We saw the chips and thought they were really unreal,” the text reads. “How, in the name of God, can they be so well preserved in such a bag.”

Potatoes are well preserved. © RV


The home in which the Jones family lives was built in 1959. A McDonald’s branch opened in Crystal Lake that same year, according to Chamber of Commerce inquiries. The packaging shows the spell of Spidey, ancestor of the clown Ronald MacDonald. In the 1950s, McDonald’s used Speedee as a mascot to promote the fast food chain’s fast service.

What the couple will do with this discovery remains a question mark. “We might sell it,” the couple concludes, “but keeping it is also an option.”

Also review. This is what a twenty-year-old hamburger looks like:

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