October 3, 2023

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Cowboy integrates Google Maps navigation into its own app

Cowboy integrates Google Maps navigation into its own app

Cowboy integrates the Google Maps Platform into his cockpit. This allows them to navigate while also accessing all cockpit functions.

Where previously you had to open Google Maps to navigate, this now works in the app itself. Cowboy has integrated the so-called “Google Maps Platform” for this. Mobility is just one of the functions that the company can and will offer with this, as it wrote in its press release. “The Google Maps Platform integration is the first in a series of new features built with Google Maps Platform to reinvent the on-the-go cycling experience, with additional advanced features announced in the fall.”

What the future will hold for us is still uncertain. What Cowboy adds at this point is obvious: a navigation system built into the cockpit. This should mainly take advantage of the simplicity of use of the brand’s e-bike. After all, while cycling, you don’t have to switch between navigation apps and the Cowboy app to check the battery status, for example.

Integration into the Cowboy ecosystem

It’s also useful to see what percentage of battery you have at your destination when planning a route. While driving, you can also see the range of your e-bike in real time on the right side of the screen. At the same time, you will find your current speed on the left side. The Cowboy app relies on data from the bike itself. Any route you plot across the cockpit is cyclist-friendly, albeit with the caveat that maps can sometimes make erroneous judgments.

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What’s more, Cowboy owners instantly see how many calories they’ve burned after riding, and how much battery they’ve used on certain rides.

It is available on Play Store and App Store

Cowboy is rolling out map integration via an update to its Android and iOS apps. This update is now available to Cowboy owners. The bike itself does not need to be updated, and the feature works with any model that supports a cockpit.