November 30, 2022

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Critics are slaying the entire Marvel movie Morbius

Critics are slaying the entire Marvel movie Morbius

After a delay of about two years, you’d expect Sony Pictures to be able to take care of the movie well. Apparently this did not happen. It now turns out that Morbius Unsatisfactory high scores among critics.

The prequel to Morbius the living vampire (Jared Leto) Very weak. At the time of writing, the third movie in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is only 21 percent After 73 reviews, it has an average rating of 4.10/10.

This is how it should be Daniel Espinosa‘s Morbius Among the weakest Marvel films received since the hype with X-Men It started in the year 2000.

As if you’ve already seen the movie
“This is a movie that sounds like a big teaser for something else, but when you come out, you feel like you’ve already seen the movie,” Time magazine thought.

“It’s a film without mortal danger, originality, narrative coherence, compelling characters, or a single presentation, even a vaguely human,” said Kevin Maher of The Times.

There is also a comment on the humor in the movie, which is something poisonThe films are still held in the eyes of many critics. “Morbius is bad, yeah, and not even as badly funny as the Venom movies. The movie itself is a bit depressing,” Jason Bailey of The Playlist thinks.

Morbius ended up being a messy brawl, but for most of his time, it was an uplifting and intriguing story about a man trying to thwart the annihilation,” Richard Lawson writes most positively from Vanity Fair.

From April 20 in the Netherlands
Starting today and tomorrow, the $75 million Marvel movie is set to hit multiple countries and is expected to gross about $50 million over its first weekend at the North American box office. So it looks like the movie will pay off.

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