June 10, 2023

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Crocs most hated shoe in the world? These three Flemings are madly in love with him. “I wear it every day” | Nina

Most of them think Crocs are ugly. And yet they exist: brave Flemish people who, after all, love to boot incredibly hard. Nowadays, they might be right, because the plastic boot is on the hip again. Super fans Elodie, Tybe, and Luna are talking about their perverted looks and their big ensemble. You can still make beautiful shoes out of an ‘ugly’ crocodile.

Crocs were originally intended as a boat shoe, but in the years since then many other models have hit the market. Sabots became very popular among boating enthusiasts, and later among nursing staff and gardeners. The most famous is the colored variant with perforations. You will also find shoes, slippers, and casual shoes from the brand. Or you can even buy mules with heels and a platform sole.

Until a few years ago, the ugliest shoe in the world was still a thorn in the side of many fashionistas. Today you see him again on the streets. Tybe (20), Luna (22) and Elodie Gabias (26) all proudly share what they love about Croc.

“Crocs was once crowned the ugliest shoe on earth, but I’ve been a proud wearer of them for 5 years now,” says Elodie from West Flanders. She’s a content creator and treats her followers to a portion of unabashed self-irony every single day. “I really wear them every day. After seeing some American influencers wearing them, I immediately ordered them myself. From the first moment I put my feet in the shoes, it felt like a revelation.” (He laughs). And yeah, I’m that crazy person who started buying Crocs in all colors.”

Elodie Gabias and her father, François. © Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten / photonews

In the meantime, I’ve collected about six pairs of Crocs: white pairs full of studs, pink ones with clouds, tie-dye-pattern Crocs pairs and Crocs on platform shoes,” says Elodie. “I definitely plan to expand my collection further. The pins allow me to really design Crocs. This way you can still turn an “ugly” crocodile into a pretty shoe.

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I see other people on the street with Crocs on, and it instantly creates a bond. I know in a minute who I’m going to meet.

Elodie Gabias

Elodie shamelessly shares her love of Crocs on Instagram with her 117,000 followers. Are you going to get negative comments about it? “On Instagram, they comment more about my boobs than they comment about my Crocs,” she laughs. “I see other people with Crocs on the street and it creates a bond instantly. I know in a little while who I’m going to meet. Two weeks ago I gave my dad a pair as a gift and he’s also completely devoted to Crocs so far.”

Elodie and Francois.
Elodie and Francois. © Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten / photonews

You either understand or you don’t. But this Crocs lover can’t live without her colorful plastic sandals. “I am still so grateful I put her in my cart for the first time a few years ago. It was love at first sight and still is.”

“My love for Crocs started at the beginning of last year. She left me impact From a friend of mine who dared to wear Crocs on the street. Is it because I find ugly shoes attractive? I had to buy Crocs and my addiction hasn’t gone away since then.”

Tippi Hendrix.
Tippi Hendrix. © Gregory Van Jansen / PhotoNews

For Tybe, a visual merchandiser, Crocs aren’t just a trendy fashion piece. “Crocs are really comfortable and go with everything. You can wear them for any occasion. I wear them almost always and everywhere, even when I go to an event or a party. If I could, I’d start working with them. They’re good. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, they are not allowed me wearing them to work.”


I am also subscribed to the newsletter. This way I’m the first to know when new models come out.

Tippi Hendrix

As an independent model and fashion enthusiast, Tybe also likes to combine his Crocs clothes with more special outfits. “You’ll often see me walking around in color-blocking clothes. I wear styles that don’t match at all. The Croc is the perfect item to combine with my colorful outfits. Even if they don’t match at all. That just makes it powerful.”

Meanwhile, Tybe is used to receiving comments whenever he steps out with the shoes on. “A lot of people are interested in why I wear Crocs. Sometimes I also get really weird looks from people who think shoes are ugly. Yes, Crocs are ugly, but it intrigues me. Sometimes I wear them with bright or funky socks. I even left a copy collar Thin texture. I like to make clogs more atypical than they already are.”

Tippi Hendrix.
Tippi Hendrix. © Gregory Van Jansen / PhotoNews

Tybe has 10 pairs of Crocs (including a bag full of pins to decorate) in his shoe closet and takes great pride in them. “I have Crocs in many different colors and I have Crocs with a base sole. They are so comfortable! I order Crocs on the same online store. I’m also subscribed to the newsletter. That way I’m the first to know when new models come out.”

“My earliest memories of the Crocs were our family vacations by the sea,” says Luna, account coordinator at a PR agency. “On the dam there were dozens of shops where you could get Crocs and imitation Crocs. I jumped for joy when my parents gave me purple Crocs with patterns on them to decorate. During my teens, I said goodbye to Crocs for a while, because I was embarrassed then to wear them.”

Luna Vanhoenker.
Luna Vanhoenker. © Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten / photonews

But this farewell did not last long. Luna has recently fallen in love with her colorful slippers again. “Maybe the pandemic has something to do with it, but in the meantime, the comfortable shoe is back,” she says. “People are used to wearing comfortable shoes because we’ve been spending more time in the house.”

“I ordered my first pair of Crocs with platform soles for 30 euros in an online store. Meanwhile, I almost always wear them. I take them to the store, the gym, or they fill up quickly. Sometimes I work with them even when I don’t have client meetings,” laugh.


Even my partner all the time and it’s a perfect fit for Crocs. So sometimes we switch shoes.

Luna Vanhoenker

“What do I love so much? With platform soles, I really walk on zips. They really feel like sponges. And with the eyelets you always get enough ventilation. It just feels so comfortable. You can wear them with or without a strap on your ankle. As a result, you can do Everything is in it: from cleaning or driving a car to working in the garden or going to the beach.

Luna Vanhoenker.
Luna Vanhoenker. © Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten / photonews

The shoe is now fully installed in her home. “There are always Crocs at the door. Even my partner all the time and he’s a perfect Crocs fit. So sometimes we switch shoes.”

“When I’m in the bakery with Crocs sometimes I get weird looks. But I don’t care,” says Luna. “They’re so comfortable to me. So comfy that I want to have an extra colorful pair for this summer. It’s noise that lasts. And I happily partake in it.”

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