October 1, 2022

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Cruise ship transports stranded Belgians home in Spitsbergen |  Abroad

Cruise ship transports stranded Belgians home in Spitsbergen | Abroad

About 120 passengers stranded on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen due to a pilot strike on the Scandinavian airline SAS can set sail on a cruise ship from Toy Cruises. In addition to Australians, Colombians, Danes, Germans and French, some nationals will also board. Seven passengers under the age of 14.

“Mein Schiff 3” is leaving for the south tonight. Most additional travelers will sail to Tromsø in northern Norway. Sixteen others are still on board as far as the northern German city of Bremerhaven. This is also the last leg of the trip.

100 euros per night

A spokeswoman for the cruise line said: “Cargo passengers pay around 100 euros per night on board the ship, including food and drink.” Tui Cruises does not know if SAS will reimburse these costs. The cruise ship has approximately 1,580 cabins. Some were not busy.

Spitsbergen is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean that is part of Norway. The archipelago consists of more than 400 islands and has a population of about 2,500.

strike stopped

Meanwhile, SAS pilots announced that they would suspend their strike on Monday to transport people and goods to Spitsbergen. They do this because the residents of the archipelago are severely affected by the strike: most flights to and from Spitsbergen are operated by SAS.

The pilots have been on strike since last Monday after wage negotiations failed. They had previously said they would help passengers stranded in remote destinations back home.