July 16, 2024

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Cute as a schoolgirl or sexy as Bella Hadid: this hair accessory breaks a new look |  Nina

Cute as a schoolgirl or sexy as Bella Hadid: this hair accessory breaks a new look | Nina

Those who shop with their eyes open have probably already noticed this trend. One hair accessory is now dominating store shelves, after years of being “too good,” “too boring,” or “too schoolgirl.” And this time it comes in many forms, from elegant And elegant from ordinary to crazy and eye-catching.

You’ve seen it at pre-fall fashion shows and during fashion weeks, and especially multitudes of women walking the streets with it. Fashion designers are also eagerly snapping at her on social media. The wreath or headband is back in full and comes with a fresh new look.

Left: Kate Middleton. Right: Princess Elizabeth. © Getty Images

Childish, very girly: This is what you might think about the wreath. But this year the accessory is moving from the schoolgirl’s wardrobe to that of the mature, fashion-conscious woman. The royals have been devoted to this thing for a while: Kate Middleton has been popping up frequently with quilted bags since giving birth to Prince Louis in 2018 and Princess Elizabeth clearly has a few in her wardrobe. That regal, elegant air that the diadem gives you is also what draws many women to the accessory.

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But you can also wear the jewel in a more edgy, alternative or sexy way these days. Supermodel and fashion icon Bella Hadid proved it when she paired a jet black leather diadem with a spicy leather bodysuit. Proved by all the fashionistas who took to the streets during the past fashion weeks with a headband as a statement accessory. Romantic, powerful, chic, hippie: the wreath now comes in an array of styles that make every look possible.

Street style wreath looks during fashion weeks.

Street style wreath looks during fashion weeks. © Getty Images

And while street stylers embraced the tiara, the big fashion houses showed on the catwalks that they haven’t forgotten about the accessory either. At Dior, they opted for delicate crystal garlands during the fall-winter 2022 show, at British Roksanda for black headbands and at British Eudon Choi for a mix of bright colors. But the flagship has been Prada, and still has, since 2019: Then the brand sent the entire row of models down the catwalk in a rainbow of quilted satin headbands.

(L to R) at the Dior, Eudon Choi, and Roksanda shows.

(L to R) at the Dior, Eudon Choi, and Roksanda shows. © Getty Images

The now iconic Prada headband is still going strong, judging by the social media take on what fashionistas are wearing these days. But meanwhile, the wreath will appear in several other versions this year: see the five most popular below. Something for everyone, and this trend promises to stay dominant for a long time to come.

1. Satin

Perfect for adding a touch of volume and a touch of luxury Feel To add it to your hairstyle.

2. Embellished

Pearls and diamonds not only have to be on your body, they can also be worn on your head. Perfect for quickly adding some shine to a sober outfit.

3. Wrap

A simple fabric headband can look pretty ’90s, but also sporty or cool.

4. Strokeable

Velvet, fluffy, suede or other soft textured ones that blend well with your hair and instantly give your look a little softness.

5. Out of the box

Anything is possible and everything is allowed now, when it comes to hair bands. Flowers, diamonds, crazy prints, big bows or other voluminous embellishments: feel free to let your tiara be the highlight of your look.

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