December 6, 2023

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Danish virologist offers hope: 'Within two months we can return to normal life'

Danish virologist offers hope: ‘Within two months we can return to normal life’

Tyra Grove Crouse © AFP

The end is in sight, this is the hopeful message from Danish epidemiologist Tyra Grove Krause. She believes that the combination of a low hospitalization rate and a high infectiousness in the case of an omicron variant will lead to a rapid end to the epidemic. According to the Danish scientist, this should be over in a couple of months.

GVsource: Bloomberg, Business AM

Krause is the Danish Vice President Serum Statins InstituteIn this capacity, an important advisor to the Danish government in dealing with the Corona crisis. This country is currently experiencing a new wave of infections: Last Wednesday, the record for new infections was broken, with 23,228 new cases in 24 hours – far more than the previous peak (16,164 cases). So it was the country with the highest number of new infections compared to the total population (5.8 million people) in the world.

However, Krause sees a light on the horizon. Based on a study conducted by Serum Statins Institute It concluded that the omikron variant is less dangerous than the delta variant. “Everything indicates that Omicron is milder than Delta, and the risk of him ending up in hospital is half greater,” she said on a morning show on Danish TV.

According to Krause, the high infectivity of the omicron variant is good news in this regard. This will lead to a massive outbreak of infection in the next month, peaking at the end of January. It’s going to be a tough month, but once it’s over, we’ll be in better shape than before.”

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In fact, according to Krause, the entire Corona pandemic could be over within two months. “I think the infection rate will start to decrease in two months and we can return to normal life by March,” he said.