January 31, 2023

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Dashlane wants to replace your passwords with passkeys

Dashlane wants to replace your passwords with passkeys

Password manager Dashlane paves the way for a password-free world by implementing passkeys into the #1 password manager for security.

Password-free authentication means that users can log into a website without entering a password. This is possible because their laptops or smartphones act as authentication. According to password manager Dashlane, devices will receive an update in the coming weeks to enable passwordless authentication.

Password-free authentication has been around for a while, but its implementation has not gone smoothly due to technical issues on the user side and limited capabilities across different platforms. Only after the recent announcements from FIDO (Fast Identity Online Alliance) and major players like Apple, Microsoft and Google It looks like it’s being rolled out. The fact that this method of identification is phishing-resistant makes it particularly interesting.

Browser passkey

dash lane Presents Now the first to have a passkey built into the browser for the first security password manager. The passkey should provide an answer to the problem of stolen logins. According to Dashlane, 80 percent of security issues are related to stolen logins. Password-free identification is an additional tool to address this issue.

Dashlane’s big challenge will be to compete with players like An appleMicrosoft and Google. They are working on a passkey implementation, as per FIDO guidelines. For example, Microsoft already has passkeys in Windows Hello and other authentication tools. “We are not afraid of competition. The fact that FIDO and the three major platforms are talking about a passkey is already a lot. As a result, more users will use the ID without a password, which is just good for everyone.”

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Is he working?

Users can log into different websites via a password manager. This applies to sites that accept the new password-free identification as well as sites that require a password. The passkey can be used for multiple sites and is at least secure. The big advantage is that users can log in across different platforms with the passkey and that no one except the user can access the logins.

Dashlane Passkey will be rolling out over the next few weeks. For now, the key in the technical preview is. Implementation of the passkey does not mean that known passwords will disappear immediately. According to Dashlane, there will be a long transition period during which the user can choose between two identification methods. But there will come a day without passwords, and this is in fact indisputable.