December 6, 2022

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Davy Procatos wins ugliest website award: 'Something more flashy is allowed'

Davy Procatos wins ugliest website award: ‘Something more flashy is allowed’

A five-member jury led by Coudenys ‘Ugly Belgian Houses’ of Hannes searched for the ugliest site in Belgium and found that the famous Flemish dancer Davy Brocatus. Dated, agree. I still love the look and feel. Brand Davy Brocatus is what it is.

“It’s kind of my fault,” the former juror laughs Dancing with the stars After the ugliest site award for him. “I’ve never given it enough attention. It’s kind of like a piece of clothing that’s been in fashion for years. You know you have to declutter your wardrobe now and then, and yet you can’t get around it.”

Apart from that, Brocatus continues to stand behind the corporate identity. “The color of the house is red, our motto… We’ve thought about it for a long time. The style sets us apart from other dance locations. It’s always possible A little more flashy to be. Brand Davy Brocatus is what it is. I suppose they will respect that in the new design. Brocatus wins a complete makeover of its website.

Doesn’t Brocatus feel ridiculed? I can put it well. Peter van de Veer once awarded me the award for worst Flemish dress. As if men should always wear a blue or black suit. Things like this happen when you don’t always color inside the lines. I stay true to myself, I’m not a clown.

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