November 27, 2022

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DDT also signed: Nearly 55,000 fans want to keep the deleted heroes episodes

DDT also signed: Nearly 55,000 fans want to keep the deleted heroes episodes

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VRT’s decision not to present 19 episodes of ‘FC De Kampioenen’ is still causing a stir. Actor Jacques Vermeire now supports Simon Deschemaeker’s fan petition, which has already been signed by nearly 55,000 angry fans.

Tom Fitts

Simon Descheemaeker, the 17-year-old Tiktokker who launched the petition earlier this week, hopes many people will support his initiative until VRT revises its decision. He hoped in advance to get 20,000 signatures, and at the same time he succeeded in achieving this goal even more, because most likely soon he will reach 55,000.

Initiator Simon is surprised by the great success.

Initiator Simon is surprised by the great success. © rr

“What is happening now is beyond all expectations,” Deschmeemaker says. “But the series is very popular and I understand a lot of people feel drawn to it. With these numbers, I hope we end up signing 100,000.”

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DDT is transported

The petition did not go unnoticed by actor Jacques Vermeer. Through his Instagram profile, he invited his fans to do their part and sign the petition. He writes, “DDT has been deeply affected by many expressions of support for saving its infrastructure.” “Support Simon, help DDT and sign with us, that’s the only way DDT Okay Cars can stay open.” We couldn’t get to Vermeer yesterday.

“I saw that not only Jack, but also his daughter and boyfriend, had shared the message,” Deschmaker says. “I didn’t really think Jack would support my initiative. It also shows the dissatisfaction with the team of champions.”


Does Desimaker also think VRT will change its mind? “If you don’t do anything, nothing will happen for sure. I have no plan to do anything when the petition is over. I didn’t start this petition with the idea of ​​going to Brussels in the end. I honestly don’t think I’d hear anything from the VRT either. I secretly think they don’t.” They know how to respond to this, too.”

“I started the petition because I thought it was shameful to delete the episodes,” concluded the Heroes fan. “With a disclaimer in the beginning, alerting the viewer that the broadcast contains potentially offensive jokes in 2022, you can really solve a lot. But?”

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