December 8, 2022

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De Croo: “We are already in a refugee crisis, but less attention is paid to it” |  interior

De Croo: “We are already in a refugee crisis, but less attention is paid to it” | interior

Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo (Open VLD) responded on the debate program “De Afspraak op Friday” (Canvas) to The problems of receiving asylum seekers in our country. The Prime Minister admitted: “We are actually in a refugee crisis, but less attention is paid to it, because there are now two or three other crises.”

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It is not a problem for Belgium alone, de Croo points out. “It’s not an excuse, but we’re not the only country in Europe that’s going through hard times. If you look at the Netherlands, the problem is much bigger there. There are the same problems in Germany and Austria. We’re in a situation with a lot of refugees,” he told Evan de Vader.

The federal government’s primary cabinet decided Friday to engage 150 officials from the federal government’s services to help Fedasil run reception centers for asylum seekers. Civil Service Minister Petra de Satter (Green) has not ruled out mandatory transport in front of the VTM NIEUWS camera. Watch this morning’s interview below.

According to de Croo, “With about seventy people you can save about 1,500 places.” However, according to him, it is not very clear to find employees. Engaging the military, for example, will not always be so straightforward. It often also relates to people who have experienced horrific things, she said. It is therefore important to find civil servants with the necessary social skills.

hotel rooms

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because there Thursday There was no room for 125 people in the family, including women and children, who were looked after in a hotel room. On Friday there was enough room for families and unaccompanied minors, but Fedasil to our editors assured our editors that there was still It is a waiting list of 3,500 single men entitled to shelter.

The Green Party, which is part of the federal government, argued on Thursday to consider housing vulnerable asylum seekers in hotels, but the prime minister says this is “not a good solution for several reasons”.

“I know a number of NGOs have benefited from it in emergencies, but it is not a solution and they have done it without Cabinet approval,” said Dee, Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Nicole de Moore (CD&V). Crow in Friday appointment.

Enough shelter for families and minors in Fedasil on Friday, about 3,500 people on the waiting list

125 people rescued at the last minute of a night on the street

The neighborhood in Klein Castelljee groans under the influx of refugees: “balconies, bridges, doorways, everything is full by evening”