July 22, 2024

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De Klerk families sign huge investment in Andalusian hotel sector

De Klerk families sign huge investment in Andalusian hotel sector

Rota – New luxury resort to open this July Punta Candor Rota The doors in Andalusia (Playa de la Luz). Three well-known West Flemish families are the basis. The Jan de Klerk family and his children (who have been running several hotels in the area for decades, see photo), as well as Dominique de Klerk and Luc de Klerk (sons of the late Roger de Klerk, Beaulieu). This is a huge investment, amounting – according to Jan de Klerk – to around 25 million euros.

(From our correspondent on site)

Jan de Klerk has extensive experience in the hotel industry in southern Spain. He settled in Andalusia in 1969 to “watch” the hotel. Playa de la Luzwhich was previously bought by three West Flemish entrepreneurs: lawyer Joris De Klerk (Jan’s father), his cousin Roger De Klerk (Beaulieu) and former Sunair boss Rudolf Vanmoerkerke. Initially they each had a third stake in the beautiful family hotel which still attracts thousands of West Flemish tourists to this day. The Vanmoerkerke was bought in the 1970s. Jan De Klerk has always remained loyal to the site – for 55 years.

Jan de Klerk, who has acquired the status of a demigod in Andalusia for his relentless entrepreneurship in the area around Cádiz and his great social commitment, has been quietly building a small hotel empire since the 1970s. Now his children (Stéphane, Sophie and Anne) have largely taken up the torch. “But with the Punta Candor Rota project, my children and I are fully committed to investing for the last time,” says Jan de Klerk, 81. “In Dominique and Luc de Klerk, with whom I have always maintained a good relationship, I have found co-investors who believe fully in the project. I call it a wonderful continuation of what our fathers built at the time. The circle of history is beautiful and round.”

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New formula

Punta Candor Rota is offering no less than 127 luxury apartments on the market that can be rented in a kind of alternative hotel. According to Jan De Klerk, this concept meets a new demand from the market. “Tourists want more privacy or to have their own place, but at the same time they also want to be able to benefit from the advantages of staying in a classic hotel,” says Jan De Klerk. “Think of one or more restaurants on site, or some services that make life easier while on holiday. In addition to a shared pool, some apartments can also have their own pool in the house.”

The luxury West Flemish resort will feature 1, 2 and 3-room apartments. The investment price is around 25 million euros. The first phase will be completed and officially opened around this time.

Avenida Jean de Klerk

The location of the real estate project is also special. Right in front of one of the longest beaches and most beautiful dunes on the Costa de la Luz. But the name of the street is also surprising. After all, Punta Candor Rota will be located on Avenida… Jan de Klerk, number one.

Because of his proven services to local tourism and the community, Jan de Klerk received his own street as a “gift” from the local authorities five years ago, when this project was not yet underway.

(Karel Campian in Rota)

Image 1: Jean de Klerk family

Image 2: Stefan and Jan de Klerk