May 29, 2023

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'De Kotmadam' (Finally) returns with new episodes |  showbiz

‘De Kotmadam’ (Finally) returns with new episodes | showbiz

TelevisionAt long last, ‘De Kotmadam’ has finally opened its student room doors wide again in brand new episodes. The rings were already canned in 2020, but they have remained on the shelf to this day. This is what pisses off actors like Mark Firststreet I mentioned earlier in an interview. “It would be a shame if the lock was left in the drawer forever.”

The last day to sign up was already in 2020, but starting November 20, new episodes of ‘De Kotmadam’ will finally appear on TV. Regulars Catherine DeVos (Jane) and Mark Verstreet (Jeff) take on the role of Angel once again. The canning was long overdue, but the episodes remain in the archive until now. Mark, among others, was not happy about this. He expressed his frustration in a previous interview. “VTM hasn’t aired the new episodes yet. I’m not in a good mood about it. We want to admit. We tied a beautiful ending to what has been a part of our lives for thirty years. It’s a touching farewell. It would be a shame if that last chord was left in the tray forever.” “.

New student

But soon he will be here at last. In the episodes a new student will appear, Simon, played by the actor “Lisa” Arno Moines. “Playing the role of a student in such an iconic series was a unique experience. These recordings took place before I even got the part of Remco in “Lisa,” Arno says. Both characters have something in common. Simon is a very smooth, spontaneous and energetic creator, Just like Remco.” He continues, “The only difference is that he finds his roommates a little more important than his studies. This will lead to a number of comedic scenes.”

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He joins fellow “Lisa” Anouck Luyten (Katja), who can be seen in De Kotmadam as Ines. Together with Helle Vanderheyden (Martha) and Frederik Huys (Victor) they will set things up again as usual.

‘De Kotmadam’ can be watched from Sunday 20th November at 19.55 on VTM.

Simon (Arno Moines) in “De Kotmadam”. © VTM

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