April 1, 2023

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De Lijn bus driver and angry passenger fight as other passengers watch: “upset because he wasn’t allowed to get off” | Antwerp

A violent accident occurred between a passenger and the driver on a De Lijn bus on Monday evening. The passenger went on to get a story from the bus driver when he failed to open the doors at a stop. The discussion quickly deteriorated.

One of the passengers, Nathan van den Brand, filmed the incident on bus line 182. “We were almost in the Groenplaats around 5pm when bus 182 stopped at a stop on the Nationalestraat. The doors did not open and the bus continued on. There were more than a dozen Other people on the bus. A boy got upset because he couldn’t get off and went to talk to the driver.”

A short exchange of words ensued, but the other passengers did not understand what was said. Suddenly, the driver grabbed the angry young man by the collar and pulled him towards him.

Nathan van den Brand: “The young man responded by slapping the driver in the face with his flat hand. After that blow, a fight began and turned into a pulling and shoving in the driver’s seat. Finally, one of the passengers intervened. De Lin had already alerted the police.”

According to police spokesman Willem Megum, the driver and passenger have been questioned. Some witnesses also testified.

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