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“De mol” won the award for best TV show, “Nonkels” is the best fantasy series of the year and many more program numbers: these are Kastaars

“De mol” won the award for best TV show, “Nonkels” is the best fantasy series of the year and many more program numbers: these are Kastaars

“This is the first prize I won,” said Gilles de Coster, surprised. After a show full of musical acts—including the swinging opening number and a

A touching tribute from Hugo Sigal, who sang a song he wrote himself in honor of Nicole and the other deceased from the strip – a kidnapper the mole De Castar went on to win Best TV Show of 2022.

“It is a great honor for the audience the mole, 25 years after birth, she is still crowned. This means that we are still making a good program, and it is far from finished. As is the norm, I can’t say anything about next season, except that America was a great location.

De Kastaar got a sweet spot in the editorial office. However, it was not possible to celebrate after that. “I was already replaced tonight Late night sportsDeCoster says with a laugh. “I won’t get it again tomorrow.”


the mole He won another award, the moment Phillip — the original mole of the season — left the program for pushing his mental and physical limits. That capped viewership with last year’s media moment.

“The viewers couldn’t give us a better gift. We’re unexpectedly able to show with this plot twist that it’s okay if it’s too much for you, and that you don’t have to punish you for it. And if we can help someone out… Moving up half a millimeter as a result, it’s been worth it.”

© Carlo Copegans

Philip himself could also take a statue home with him. He said, “I’m a little confused.” “I really didn’t expect that.” What all the winners have in common: They didn’t all expect it, the phrase that belongs to the prize appears as. James Cook, a year after he won the Golden Rose, received it James the Musician And Flanders severe transformation She presented, and is still on stage, the Media Personality of the Year award. He got it in a horseradish suit, because just before that he had performed in a pastiche op The Masked Singer. Show quality, you know.

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“I thought Tom Weiss was in his pocket,” it sounded then. “Everything the guy makes attracts a million viewers. And I’m a fan of Dieter Coppins. And Finn Jermaine, a new talent. Honestly, I was just glad to be on the list. But of course I’m very happy. Especially because that’s the price the viewers set. Because of them I can do whatever I want to do it.”

wide audience

Not the one that a million people watch every week ChantalBut Uncles Taking the statuette for Best Narrative Series. A beautiful crown based on the work of screenwriters Rick Fairhey, Quinn D. Porter and Gilly de Paul. The latter dedicated the award to “all the people who believed in us: the reviewers.”

© Carlo Copegans

“I have with Side effects You did great things and I was very happy about it perfect world It worked, but that was always for a niche audience,” says de Paul. “I think it’s great that this resonated with a wide audience, and I don’t feel like I had to let my pants down. (Laughs)

The “Nonkels” cast greet Kastaar.

The scenarios for the second season are now ready. But they are still very bad. “We start recording in August, so we have some time to go over it again.”

Next year again

All Kastaars productions from the three channels that organized the award won. The only freelancer to turn a profit was average video maker Rob. It turns out that revenge is sweet. I once offered this project to a channel, but they refused. I’m glad I persevered anyway. I want to inspire all makers with this: You don’t need a media maker or an unlimited budget to make something. You must joking to have.”

Luc Appermont, chair of the professional judging panel, said during the broadcast that Kastaars will become a new annual tradition. Next year, on January 27, a second edition is planned. Important rule: you can win Kastaar only once. number the mole James Cook, therefore, was not among the winners next year.

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All winners at a glance

Best TV show: the mole

Best radio show: Martin and Dorothy

The best online video series: average rob

The best podcast: Crown witnesses

Best fantasy series:Uncles

Participant of the yearBy: Bart Kannertz The smartest person in the world

Best media moment of the year: Philip leaves the mole

Media Personality of the Year: James Cook

general breakthrough: Gloria Moncerez

Career Award: Bart Peters

Jury Prize: the rooms

Twenty-five years after its first broadcast, “De Mol” won Best TV Show.